Best quality CCTV Camera Systems for business and homes

IP CCTV Systems

Why have a CCTV Camera System?

CCTV has become more and more popular in recent years as a deterrent and a method of recording the event, be it of theft or vandalism. Systems range from the low cost, simpler systems for homes and smaller shops to high spec systems for the larger premises.

CCTV Camera Systems

Static Dome cameras have become the preferred choice of many clients for internal and external applications with the external units designed to provide colour images during the day and monochrome at night when there may be insufficient light to support colour. Dome cameras are more discreet and the dome housing provides some protection from the camera being knocked out of position.

The wide availability of IT Networks and Broadband has also prompted manufacturers to offer a range of TCP/IP Cameras and Recorders that can be installed directly onto your existing structured cabled network, significantly reducing cabling costs.

Recording Equipment

The use of Digital Video Recorders is now commonplace as they offer many advantages over VCR’s. Some of these are:

  • Clearer Recordings
  • More recorded images per second (reducing time-gaps between frames)
  • No tapes to change on a daily basis
  • Faster recording search by date & time
  • Recorded footage can be exported to USB drive, DVD or CD
  • Snapshots can be printed by PC
  • Live remote viewing & playback by PC anywhere in the world
  • Live viewing by smartphone

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